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What Happens at our Devgad Farm?

Here is how we process these precious mangoes, so that you can relish them.

1) The mangoes are harvested in a unintrusive manner, at the right time, just before ripening.

2) They are transported safely to the ware house, where we employ local farmers to sort the mangoes.

3) The locals measure every mango by weight and sort them as A1- Size 1- Size 2 - 3 - 4 carefully in completly sanitized environment.

4) After sorting the mangoes are carefully packed in between natural hay and let to ripen naturally ( carbide free)

5) As each crate naturally ripens the batches are prepared to ship to Pune- mumbai and other locations.

6. Voila it appears in your doorstep, for a delicious date. Book now!

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