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The Exotic Mango Varieties of India

Mango is one of the most celebrated fruits in India. It is also prominently mentioned and referred to in the old Sanskrit scriptures and literature. It's been worshipped as royal fruit , used in most holy ceremonies/ celebrations.

Varieties you must try:

Devgad Alphonso | Ratnagiri Alphonso

The Alphonso mango, popularly known in Western India as ‘Hapus’, It is the most expensive variety of mangoes in India. Alphonso mangoes grow primarily in the states of Goa and Maharashtra along the western coast of India. Devgad alphonso is a GI certified mango what tastes extremely sweet and peels like a banana, since it has think flesh. Ratnagiri is named after the district Ratnagiri in Maharastra and is very famous for its smell and taste.


Known to be fibrous and juicy, it's smell captures the entire space with awe.


The bright orange pulp and the exquisite taste, as well as aroma, make Gir Kesar one of the most popular Indian mango varieties in the world.


Dasheri originated in Dasheri village near Kakori in Lucknow district


Langra aam is believed to have originated in Banaras (now Varanasi).


Popular in southern India.


Its origin is Multan districts of Punjab in Pakistan.


The Himsagar cultivar, despite its potential, is a local fruit, difficult to find outside West Bengal.


Also a southerner fruit

Mallika | Amrapali

A hybrid of Neelum and Dasheri


It's the pride of Karnataka


Mild in taste and greenish in colour, this variety of mango looks like a parrot's beak


It is generally big, round-shaped fruit with flattened top and curvy bottom.


Gulabkhas is named so because of its rosy reddish appearance.

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